The very basics of HTML-- For absolute beginners

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Sublime Text.

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  • en: kdy escribió:

    What's this ( ) tag for? Some explanations will help me to understand it. Otherwise this tutorial is very straightforward.
  • en: sameer escribió:

    please let me know clearly wants to help to you .

  • en: Lukasz Muzyka escribió:

    Thanks for the question. Best is to just try it out. This text will be bold. Back in the old days we would use but new way is to use

  • en: JL escribió:

    hi, I tried the "image" code as above but the image didn't show on the browser. The code was showing as "text" (instead of the image) on the browser - just wondering if you could help? thanks!

  • en: sameer escribió:

    please try it

  • en: sameer escribió:

    Hey , any suggestion or help please ping me my

  • en: enishia escribió:

    how do i open my browser to see the results ?i have a mac

  • en: Jostin Parodi escribió:

    I dont see anything in all the routes :S

  • en: rose escribió:

    i tried to do it but nothing appear, can you help me in a simple way

  • en: Black Morgan escribió:

    Hi, I practiced the tutorial. However, when I add a Google's picture (, it displayed an icon instead of picture. Please help me with this problem. Many thanks!


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