Lukasz When I joined Startup Weekend Shanghai in November 2011, I was excited to jump into the community of web developers and entrepreneurs. I was on my way to build multi million venture after all.

Seven months later I was pounding my head against the wall because we could not get our software project off the ground. Despite having great part time developers we just couldn't get things done and I didn't know how to help my team get to where we wanted to be.

It seems to me now that problem was twofold. First - developers were working part time. Developing good software part time is hard. Very, very hard. Second - I had little idea what they were actually doing as engineers.

This is why I started learning how to code - I wanted to really understand their problems and how to contribute to the solution.

After two weeks I had a working website where users could login and out and create content. I was blown away. I realized that coding is something that normal people like me can do. As long as there is a clear path of education and a purpose that drives you.

I felt so empowered that I started coding like crazy, working EVERY day, 12-16 hours a day for 3 months! I learned a lot and it was awesome.

Fast forward one year later I wanted to help other people understand the power of code. Along with Allen Wyma, a seasoned software engineer form Chicago, we started the MeetUp group PeopleCanCode, where we teach people technology and that coding isn’t hard or scary.

We love teaching. We love empowering. We love to create. We love to code and we want to share our experiences with you!

Lukasz Muzyka
PeopleCanCode Co-founder